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Extra Items

EstLite can be configured to select an item (such as print, photograph, or other items such as easels etc) from a list and include it in the current framing job.

Make the list
Create a list of items in a spreadsheet program such as Excel then save it as a comma delimited (CSV) file. It must be named OTHERTABLE.CSV.

Two columns:
First column: Description of item
Second column: Selling price of item
The table should have no column headers. In other words, the first row of the spreadsheet should contain the first item of the list together with its selling price.

Configure EstLite
To Incorporate this feature into EstLite, drag the file OTHERTABLE.CSV on to the main page of EstLite.

After dragging the file the List button appears on the main EstLite screen.

Clicking List brings up this dialog where an item may be selected.

When an item is selected, its description is entered into the Other textbox in the Details screen