EstLite Picture Framing Software Simple, affordable frame pricing software

EstLite works "Straight Out Of The Box", because it is pre-configured with average industry mark-ups and margins. This allows you to get up and running quickly without tedious, long-winded setting-up procedures.

You can easily configure all prices and markups, even the look (skin) of the program can be changed.

All updates are free (even to unregistered users), EstLite can check for new releases and update itself via the internet, making this procedure simple and painless.

Telephone support is free, with no fixed time limit.

EstLite comes with online, context-sensitive help where intuitive, point-and-click, explanations are used extensively.

EstLite and BBEst are configured to seamlessly connect to Pre-View, the visualisation program.

Easy upgrade path from BBEst to EstLite.


 • EstLite

 • BBEst

 •  • Dimensions in inches, centimetres, mm.
 •  • Frame visualisation (Pre-View)
 •  • Stacked mouldings.
 •  • Easily configured for UK, USA, NZ, AU, etc.
 •  • No limit to number of mouldings.
 •  • Easy drag-and-drop import of moulding price lists.
 •  • Simple moulding stock control.
 •  • Moulding browser - see supplier's stock images.
 •  • Forty types of mountboard/Mat - conservation, museum, etc.
 •  • Twenty types of mount/Mat decoration - user defined.
 •  • Internet - download your suppliers' moulding prices.
 •  • Interface with Pre-View visualisation application.
 •  • Price visualised jobs at the touch of a button.
 •  • "Small print" can be added to the footer of the framing docket.
 •  • Print price labels on Dymo printer.
 •  • LAN - Network enabled (no extra charge for additional stations)
 •  • Read barcode on price label for easy sales entry
 •  • Automatic spell-check
 •  • Thesaurus included
 •  • Print moulding labels on Dymo printer.
 •  • Import customer database from another application
 •  • Multi-user with supervisor password protection

Point of Sale
 •  • All calculations are instantaneous instead of "At The Touch Of A Button".
 •  • Vat/Tax/GST calculations additive, inclusive, or none.
 •  • Optional second currency.
 •  • Instant discount calculations.
 •  • Can check supplier's stock status at point of sale.
 •  • Up to 20 jobs per printed docket.
 •  • Easily re-use previously printed jobs or quotes.
 •  • Step backwards through previous jobs - even unsaved.
 •  • Automatically interfaces with POS printer and cash drawer
 •  • Print Frame labels on Dymo Printer.
 •  • Print Address labels on A4 sheets or Dymo Printer.
 •  • Barcodes on each framing dockets simplifies many common tasks.
 •  • Data can be input via barcodes, including Height, Width, border size, etc.
 •  • POS Cash register can be analysed by type of sale or by sales person.
 •  • POS Cash register reports (optional Excel format).
 •  • Automatically create purchase orders and email to your chop suppliers.
 •  • Email customer with docket or quotation as attached PDF file.
 •  • Share data and interact with external applications and web apps.
 •  • Secure email client included - sends fully encrypted emails.
 •  • Mailmerge feature enables personalised emails.
 •  • Define turn-around time to calculate job completion date.
 •  • Set up holiday schedule and notify impact on competion date.
 •  • All data can be backed up to, and restored from, a zip file.
 •  • Back-up zip file allows easy restore/register EstLite after system crash.

Records and Billing
 •  • Save all Customer and Job information.
 •  • Notify customer when job is complete (Email/SMS).
 •  • Print reports.
 •  • Create custom reports.
 •  • Export data for analysis in other applications.
 •  • Timekeeping log.
 •  • Generate mailing labels.
 •  • Remind late collectors by email or text.
 •  • Lookup UK address based on postcode.



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