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We are convinced that EstLite is the friendliest and easiest to use frame pricing software, but don't just take our word for it - Here are some comments from a handful of EstLite's many satisfied users:


"John McAfee's Estlite software has had an amazing effect on customers. When we used to tap away on a calculator, they would always be asking what you could you do in the way of a discount. Now they accept the price we offer. We have our computer on the framing bench where it can be seen. It makes us seem more professional."
- Carolyn Cooper - Macmillans of Penwortham
(Fine Art Trade Guild Article)


"As a former agent selling to framers and galleries throughout the South East, I witnessed so many traders who would just look vacantly into space and "make up" a price for any type of framing job the unsuspecting customers would bring in. I could see this was neither accurate or acceptable for either party. I actually saw one customer agree to a £160 fee for a job I could have done for just £60. I vowed never to operate or treat my customers that way when I opened my own store. I wanted customers to be treated fairly and equal in every case. By sheer chance I found Estlite and my problems were instantly solved. Now, my customers come back time and time again knowing that they will get a good job at the right price. To be honest, if I didn't have the programme I would never be able to calculate prices so quickly or efficiently and would find the work 10 times more stressful. Estlite really is the best programme I have ever bought and I would not be without it. "
- Trevor Krueger
Managing Director
Epping Studio Galleries Fine Art Ltd


"So simple to use, no need to recalculate after every change (like other software we have used), its all done automatically at each keystroke. Brilliant.... "
- Jack Hughes - Framer


"I am very impressed at the simplicity of use. As we are now starting to get an increase in this business we went searching for software to help us, and am very pleased that we found your site."
- Rodger Parker (Australia)


"I have been using your EstLite program for a few weeks and find it a great help."
- Johnnie Hills (Belgium)


"We like the look and feel of of your package and are impressed that you've made it available at such low cost. thanks!"
- Liz and Chris Lannon - VH Framing (Ma, USA)


"I have used your Est software for a number of years - i have tried others but the simplicity of Est means that it works at point of sale. The ability to put in a list of priced mouldings is fantastic."
- Mark Wallington


"The program is worth every penny and is a very important part of the running of Wildwood!
- Kevin Youngman - Wildwood Gallery (Bury St Edmunds)



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