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Moulding No/Id
Moulding ID
Right click on the Moulding ID text box to reveal Moulding Table options.

Key in Moulding IDs without hesitation
When keying in the moulding's reference number, the program will wait for keyboard activity to cease before verifying that the moulding is in the table. If there is a pause of greater than 2 seconds, EstLite assumes that the entry is complete and will present a message that the moulding was not found if it does not recognise the text to that point as a valid ID.

Stacked Frames
Enter the IDs consecutively separated with + (plus sign), innermost frame first.

Moulding No (not recommended)
(an alternative to this method is to use Moulding Table)

This is the cost, in pence per metre of the particular moulding. It is a good idea to have this number written on each moulding sample (to convert to cost/metre, multiply by 0.3048). If you do not have the cost per metre you can enter the cost per foot followed by pressing the letter 'F', this will convert the number to cost per metre for you.

If the job requires a double (or triple etc.) frame then the relevant moulding numbers can be added together and entered here. Alternatively, enter the numbers in the box separated by + (plus sign). Start with the innermost frame and finish with the outermost. In this example PW1 is closest to the image to be framed, and Moulding No.30 is the outer frame.