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Length & Width

Length and width simply refer to the two dimensions of the job and are not specific as to orientation. In other words, the program is not concerned whether the frame is landscape or portrait.

EstLite will happily work in either inches or cms.
You can either set the default unit of measurement, or do a quick frame price in the alternative measurement unit

The dimensions entered into the Length and Width boxes must be the finished overall size of the piece to be framed. Note that the plus (+) sign may be used within these boxes e.g. 41+6+8.

When defining a job which requires a mount, the breadth of the mount can be added to the dimensions of the artwork. For example if a portrait was to be 45 x 57, and a mount 8cms on top and sides and 12cms on the bottom was specified, then the two dimensions can be entered as [45+8+8] and [57+8+12].

The program will not allow dimensions greater than 250 cms (100 inches)

A Warning will be issued if the dimensions entered might present practical difficulties in making the frame.