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Keyboard Commands

After becoming familiar with EstLite, many users find that the keyboard commands make the program even easier to use.

F1 Help

F10 Switch between inch and cms

+    (Plus Sign) Use within edit boxes to add two or more numbers

ικ (Arrows) Move up and down between the boxes.

][ (Sqr Brackets) Step backwards and forwards through previous calculations.

Alt-A Clear all Jobs, ready for the next frame price.

Alt-C Clear current Job, ready for the next frame price.

Ctrl-C Copies the previous job to the current job in a multi-job docket.

Alt-D Discount Calculations

Alt-E Enter Customer Details

Alt-N New Set-up Options

Alt-M Change Mount/Mat type

Alt-K Virtual Numeric Keypad ON/OFF

Alt-L View timekeeping log

Alt-0 Jump to History screen from the main screen

Alt-G Change Glass Type

Alt-F Change Fixing method

Alt-P Switch between pricing methods (Id./Moulding Table)

Alt-S Moulding Sales

Alt-T Timekeeping

Alt-V Vat/Tax - Switch between additive and inclusive calculations

Alt-[Page Up] Step forward through skins (Change the program's appearance)

Alt-[Page Down] Step backward through skins (Change the program's appearance)

Alt-F1..Alt-F10 Access Cash Register as user (Only when configured as multi-user)

F F key after moulding number converts from price/foot to price/meter

D D key after number of mounts/mats brings up decoration box

Space Show Cash Register screen (if till has been enabled)

Main Help